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Title: Diamond Resorts
Post by: Staff 7 on November 25, 2015, 11:50:22 am
Mr & Mrs B told us on 18 November 2015

we were on holiday in Cala D'or and we were at a welcome meeting with the holiday re and a GVC rep was present and in the meeting it was said that if attended their offices we could get a reward of lunch + euro's.  No cooling off period was offered and they made it sound an offer to good to miss.  We were told that if wanted to sell it would not be difficult to do, but that is totally untrue.  We first bought 100 points and then due to our finances and because we wanted to sell,  we were told to change them to fixed weeks, but again no sale.
When we had points we used them for our holidays but when change to weeks we never used them again.  The main thing is that we do not want to leave this to our children as this not an asset it's a liability.