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Title: Diversified RCI Points
Post by: Staff 7 on November 25, 2015, 09:54:18 am
Mr & Mrs T told us on 20 November 2015

Approached 8/8/2011 by holiday world rep.
After a 3 hour meeting we were walked around the Polynesian Hotel & promised this standard of accommodation world wide:-
Lack of availability
Lack of subsidised flights
High % of increases in maintenance charges
Poor quality accommodation
We were both promised all of the above (except the large increases in maintenance charges) and they have failed to deliver on every occasion.  We were promised we could re-sell easily or they would buy them back.  None of which is true.  Maintenance fees would only ever increase with inflation - again untrue.
No time to view the agreement properly as they continued the hard sell tactic + we do not want to leave our 3 children this burden, as this was never explained.
When taking out the additional timeshare they promised to rectify our greivences and again this has not happened.
we feel totally misled by the empty promises and hard sell attitude.