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Title: Diamond Resorts
Post by: Staff 7 on November 19, 2015, 09:55:23 am
Mr & Mrs W told us on 6 November 2015

We were offered a free holiday in Tenerife on the basis that we attended a presentation to purchase points for future holidays.  We subsequently purchased the minimum number of points, which as it turned out, was inadequate to use for a proper holiday.  the company tried to later sell us more points but we resisted.  we were not offered a cooling off period.  It was a hard sell by the company and we both felt pressured at the time.
We have not used our points, other than attending ONE free weekend to attempt to sell us more points.  The main reason we have not used the points is an inadequate number and more recently Mrs. medical condition, a brain tumour.  Mrs. spoke to Diamond Resorts about the medical condition but the response was unsympathetic.