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Title: Club La Costa
Post by: Staff 7 on November 19, 2015, 09:31:36 am
Mr & Mrs F told is on 6 November 2015

We came into contact with the company through an agent stationed in Romford centre.  We felt pressurised to sign as they could not let us go away to think about it.  They said this was a deal only for that day.  We were promised a holiday that had security 24/7 on site, a family friendly resorts, no lager louts as only people with families were allowed to join, and being able to accommodate big families which has not happened.  We were promised we could sell our fraction at the end of 20 years and the lowest amount we could get a return on was 20,000 but the advisor stated it is always more.  They gave us breakfast, champagne, tour of the upgraded facilities and resorts.  we feel a breach of contract and misrepresentation has occurred in the fact that we were never informed we would have to pay over 83,000 and that if we are unable to sell our fraction the 20 years would start all over again.  we have never used the fraction points.  We would never want to leave the fraction to family as this product is a liability.  While we were in Spain they asked us to say and write that our wages were more than we actually earned.