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Title: Diamond International
Post by: JB007 on November 18, 2015, 12:47:26 pm
On 29th October 2015 Mr & Mrs R told us:
We bought the very lowest amount of points in 1997.  We were told we could pick anywhere in the world from a brochure and the amount of points we had would get us there.  We realised this was untrue and if we wanted to go anywhere we would have to buy more points.  We were told this would be a great asset and we could leave it in perpetuity to our sons.  The management fees in the beginning were reasonable, but now they are so high that we do not want to saddle our sons with the burden.  Unless one books 1 year in advance it is impossible to get the accommodation of our choice.  However many points we have purchased it is never enough to get gold level accommodation