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Client Statements / Anfi Monte
« Last post by Staff 7 on November 09, 2016, 02:43:31 pm »
From Mr and Mrs W on: 09/11/16

We feel we were mis-sold our timeshare. We were on honeymoon and taken for the day, shown round and felt pressured into buying and signing with a deposit on the same day. Our maintenance fees at the time were reasonable and were told they would one, rise with inflation which is not true as they are now 650 yearly (5%). We were told it was an investment fro the future with the perpetuity meaning our children would benefit from this, and the ownership would increase in value. We were also told we could sell back at any time which is not the case. The actual benefits of upgrading from bi-annual to a floating week was actually worse than we had been told and we feel very let down and misinformed.
Client Statements / RCI Points
« Last post by Staff 7 on November 08, 2016, 04:46:48 pm »
From Mr W & Mrs K on 08/11/16

Never informed of length of contract not informed of increase of yearly fees informed that it was an investment easily sold- not told of costs involved. Deposit paid on the day as requested. Claims of usage was found not to be true. Availability of resorts, much overstated.
Time limited on review of paperwork or purchase was pressurized to sign.
Client Statements / Diamond
« Last post by Staff 7 on November 08, 2016, 04:39:35 pm »
From Mr and Mrs M on 07/11/16

1. We felt pressured into buying, i.e this offer is only for today

2. There were more than one sales person present. There was P & T also N.C (European Sales Dreams).

3. Maintenance fees up with rate of inflation.

4. Diamond Membership is cheaper than taking package holidays. (We soon found out this is not the case).

5. An inheritance and be left to our children.

6.  There is always plenty of availability (not the case)
Client Statements / Diamond Resorts
« Last post by Staff 7 on November 08, 2016, 04:12:13 pm »
Mr A told us on 2 November 2016

I have now retired and my wife is deceased and opportunities to use has decreased.
Also when endeavouring to book the available weeks are less available than before.
Financially the fees have increased continually above inflation and therefore making meeting the fees more difficult.  The latest notice of increase due to the Euro value has made matters worse.
Client Statements / Diamond Resorts
« Last post by Staff 7 on November 08, 2016, 04:08:21 pm »
Mr & Mrs S told us on 4 November 2016

In 1996, we were introduced into timeshare with RCI. We were approached in the street by a male giving away scratch cards promising a holiday could be won. He then took us to the 'reception' and we were told to claim the holiday we only had to attend a 20 minute presentation. We said NO at first but we were pressurised into attending. Five and half hours later after a hard selling session, we finally agreed and purchased a white week at the Garden Lago resort for 8,815.
We received a letter from the Garden Lago asking us to attend another holiday within a 2 year period to sign a purchase agreement with a notary in Palma. We returned in 1998 to undertake the said request. We were put off signing and was introduced to another sales person who then sold us 2 red weeks at the Garden Lago for a further 9,023 and said no need to see the notary at this time.
For sometime after this we found it very difficult with RCI to exchange the weeks through their system.
In 2001 we stayed at Woodford Bridge in Devon through RCI. We were asked to attend a presentation with GVC. The presentation lasted some 2-3 hours, we were not allowed to ask questions while the presentation was in flow and were introduced to the 'points' system. We were told that if we went on to the points system we would be given 70 points which would equate to us being able to have a minimum 2 weeks a year possibly 3 depending on the time of the year we went. This seemed like a good solution to us as we were struggling with RCI to find anywhere. At that point we were told to pay 4,149 to join GVC and give them the property details we had for the Garden Lago and they would sort everything out.
We were told that there was plenty of exchange places and the maintenance fees we would pay would be lower and only rise with inflation. At no point was perpetuity mentioned or explained in this presentation or by the sales person. At this point we had no idea what we had been introduced to.
We went through the holiday period with GVC, then later Sunterra, and we managed to get some holidays through those years with the 70 points but only for a week a year and most times we had to bank a years points to go every second year with the holiday company. Gone were the promises of having a week in the UK and 2 weeks abroad. Totally unachievable with the points we owned. The
points system also changed and we now had 7000 points plus over inflated management charges.
In 2010, we went to Pine Lake to a meeting with the Diamond sales team. We stated we were unhappy with the points system as it was impossible to get a weeks holiday let alone 2 weeks which we were promised when we signed into GVC. We were told if we purchased 2000 more points this would enable us to achieve what we wanted, so we purchased more points to give us 9000 at a cost
of 3,250 in the process.
In 2013 we then started to hear problems about perpetuity with Diamond Resorts and people not being able to pay maintenance fees and not being allowed an exit programme to help them. We went to Pine Lake to have a meeting. We explained this to both Darren Davis and Christian Glossop, they advised that a lot of members were worried about this and that the answer was fractional points. We were told that we could sell the points at any time after a 6 month period if we wanted. The fractional ownership was 2 weeks at Santa Barbara in Tenerife. We were also told that after 15 years the property would be sold and we would be free of the ownership and perpetuity. We would easily get back the 7,843 pounds or more that they charged us for the transfer of which included a further 2000 points as we had to have a minimum of 11,000 points for this scheme.
They told us that this scheme was going fast and only had limited availability as a lot of members were taking this up. To speed up the process they advised we took a loan through Shawbrook who they deal with as they could secure the loan within a couple of days.
Since then the maintenance fees have risen again and we have noticed that it is getting harder to book what you want and most resorts we have been too have a high rate of non members who have booked through travel agents etc and in some cases cheaper than we can. We have since checked this and we are unable to book rooms but can in fact book them through certain companies online.
On our last holiday to Majorca, we found out that Diamond has sold the Garden Lago, this will also remove more weeks in their system that you will not be able to take. We also spoke to one of their sales representatives on the phone who said that if we rang Diamond Resorts and paid 2 years maintenance we could leave the contract and would be left with nothing. We've since found out that you are unable to do this with fractional points, which if we had been told this at the time of purchasing fractional points, we would not have purchased fractional points.
We believe that we have been mis-sold fractions as we have since found out we are tied in for a further 40 years.

Client Statements / Palm Beach Club
« Last post by Staff 7 on November 02, 2016, 11:15:25 am »
Mr & Mrs R told us on 27 October 2016

Ill health and age means that we are restricted with regards to travel.
Our children don't want the timeshare.
Client Statements / Club Monte Anfi
« Last post by Staff 7 on October 28, 2016, 03:31:48 pm »
From Mr and Mrs S on 28/10/2016:
At the time of purchasing our timeshare we were led to believe that it would be a good future investment and something we could hand down to our children.
We were told about the management fees but were told that everything would be done to keep these down. This was not the case as they go up every year.
We were also given the impression that at some future time we would be able to sell out timeshare on possibly back to Anfi.
This was not so and it seems we would have it forever, so even when we have paid the finance off we would be stuck with the maintenance fee. At the time of purchase we felt under a bit of pressure as we were confronted by three reps.

Client Statements / Marriots
« Last post by Staff 7 on October 27, 2016, 02:28:35 pm »
From Mr & Mrs D on 21/10/16:
A Friend introduced us to Mariott
We were not sure of given a cooling period
We were pressured of signing as the contract was signed on the same day. No time to think or digest the information about the time share. In our own words we were deceived int signing the contract.
We were not informed about the maintenance fee talk less of the annual increase of the fees.
The promises, hey made was that we can go for holiday in any part of the world and stay in Mariott Hotel without paying anything for accommodation.
For signing the contract on the same day, we were given tow bath towels with Mariott logo.
We have never used the services as there are excuses made that we only have Silver ownership which is nothing when we want to book a holiday.
We were misinformed, conned, pressured and deceived with colorful presentation.
We signed the contract because there are lots of people present who were signing contracts as well.
Client Statements / GrandView Las Vegas & RCI
« Last post by Staff 7 on October 27, 2016, 01:52:34 pm »
From Mrs S McK on 24/10/16
We were on first day of our holiday. Approached by a rep who offered free tickets for shows in return for timeshare presentation. We were orally given the following information during the presentation.
* Hundreds of destinations worldwide - cheaper than via travel agents.
* All accommodation would be 5* top class
* Hotels would be cheaper via RCI
* Cruises would be cheaper via RCI
* Overall better holidays choice at much cheaper cost
* Our timeshare was decided, could be sold easily at higher price, i.e. it was an investment.
We stated a few times that we didnt want to proceed but they kept reducing the costs and told us they would give us one week one, two weeks the next and so on. We were told it could be willed to our children. Told we had to decide that day. Were not informed verbally of a cooling off period. We had to initial a document saying we had read everything but we were never given anything to read.
*Finance was offered and encouraged.
*We had to pay deposit on the day.
Client Statements / Diamond Resorts
« Last post by Staff 7 on October 27, 2016, 01:26:51 pm »
From Mr and Mrs B on 27/10/2016
We were on holiday and approached by some person to talk about timeshare sales. I dont being given a cooling off period.
Yes we did feel pressured. We were told there were lots of places we could travel too and it would be cheaper than via the travel agents, it would be an investment.
We wasnt told about management fees being increased to so much each year. I dont feel we were given enough information.
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