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Client Statements / Diamond Resorts
« Last post by Staff 7 on February 08, 2017, 01:29:46 pm »
Mr & Mrs B told us on 6 January 2017

1.   We didn’t understand what “in perpetuity” means.
2.   Told it was an exclusive club and not a timeshare.
3.   Very “hard sell” tactics used on every holiday.
4.   Availability of resorts was always an issue from the start and we most often had to settle for less popular destinations.
5.   We didn’t realise how much the management fees would increase by.
6.   It’s no longer an exclusive club and non-members get cheaper holidays than we do.
7.   Didn’t know that we would have to pay huge fees to exit the contract, prior to buying.
Client Statements / Anfi Tauro
« Last post by Staff 7 on January 31, 2017, 12:50:02 pm »
Mr & Mrs G told us on 17 January 2017

We have a timeshare at Anfi Tauro.  During our last visit in November 2016 we understood Anfi had sold its group to Lopesan – we have no idea where we stand for its future.
The maintenance fees annually keep going up, we know our children will find it difficult to take these over.
Every time we visit we are pushed to upgrade and buy more weeks.  Plus we have the inconvenience of Anfi reps chasing clients around Anfi Tauro constantly.
Client Statements / Club La Costa
« Last post by Staff 7 on January 27, 2017, 10:08:38 am »
Mr & Mrs V told us on 20 January 2017

Came into contact with CLC via a call to say we had won a holiday.
The sale was very pressurised with the CLC salesperson guaranteeing we could always get a holiday when we wanted + much cheaper than booking package holidays – which is not true.
Management fees are hugely expensive and continue to increase out of control.
We were told we could sell the points (nobody wants them)
We were not told that the agreement could not be ended.
Very difficult to book a holiday when we actually want one.
Pressurised into trying to buy “fractional” points which we declined.
Client Statements / Macdonalds
« Last post by Staff 7 on January 20, 2017, 01:35:12 pm »
Mr & Mrs C told us on 17 January 2017

We were staying at Villacan in our own recently purchased apartment – No 14 weeks 14 & 15.  We were waiting for this apt to be for sale so no pressure.
We were told this would be an investment for our future.
The purchase was not notarised.
We spent several holidays in No 48.  At first it was great but in later years the facilities deteriorated – dirty swimming pool – poor restaurant – ageing furniture and appliances, damp – requiring moving out of the apt – and infestations of ants.  Greatly increased fees.
Client Statements / Anfi & Cala Pi
« Last post by Staff 7 on January 20, 2017, 01:34:44 pm »
Mr & Mrs J told us on 17 January 2017

We were sold the product under the 1992 timeshare act which were sold to us in perpetuity.
The products we were sold were weeks and points following several upgrades.  We have since realised that what we were sold is contrary to Spanish law.
Whilst on holiday we were approached to sell our existing timeshare and but Cala Pi.  On holiday at Anfi we were also approached to buy timeshare at Monte Anfi.  Later on we exchanged Monte Anfi for Anfi Beach.  Always approached to upgrade/re-buy etc.  This is a part of each holiday as a rep is always assigned to try and review our holidays.
Client Statements / Silverpoint
« Last post by Staff 7 on January 20, 2017, 01:12:52 pm »
Mr & Mrs B told us on 20 January 2017

On 1st February 2014, we attended a Sales Presentation at the Hollywood Mirage in Tenerife.  We were staying at the Beverley Hill Heights having a free week’s accommodation from Silverpoint.  The Sales Representative was Peter Winchester who told us he worked for the Silverpoint Sales Office.
We owned 30,000 points with Diamond Resorts, which we had become increasingly unhappy with due to the high management fees.  Peter offered us the chance to relinquish these points and pay an additional sum of £28,146 in exchange for a Paradiso City product and two weeks in the Beverley Hills Heights complex.  We were told that we had to have a reservation in the system in order to be eligible to make the purchase.  This was for a two week stay in a Paradiso Ocean property and cost 5,630 Euros. Payment was made by credit card on the day.  Finance was arranged with Barclays Partner Finance for £19,950 (SB) and £5,050 (JB), with the remaining £3,146 paid on our return to the UK.  There was no representative of the finance company and we were told the interest rate would be 8.8%
We were assured by Peter Winchester that we would be able to sell our Paradiso City for £37,000 once these went on sale in January 2015, and that they had the incentive that the sales had a normal commission rate of 28%. He also told us we would be saving money as the management fees would be lower.
We returned to the Sales Office two days later as we had some concerns about the purchase and were again reassured that they would be able to sell our Paradiso the following year.  We were told that we could not get back the 5,630 Euros we had already paid for the reservation if we backed out of the purchase. We had also noticed that the finance for one of the two agreements had an interest rate of 9.1%. The reason for this was not explained.
We had been intending to spend the next two weeks in pre-booked Diamond Resorts accommodation, but Peter Winchester arranged for us to stay for a further two weeks, in the Hollywood Mirage.
On December 13th 2014, we attended a pre-booked appointment with Mark, Sales Manager while staying in other accommodation in Tenerife.  We asked what we needed to do to put our Paradiso on the market.  He confirmed that we needed to complete documentation and forward to the sales office.  We had also decided to sell one of our weeks at the Beverley Hills Heights.  Mark suggested a guide price of 25p per point for the week (£13,125) and stated that the Paradiso City products were selling for £49,950 (including sales office commission).
We placed the Paradiso and one of the weeks in the Beverley Hills Heights on the market in January 2015, adding the other week in November 2015.  In November 2015, at Silverpoint’s suggestion we transferred our two weeks in the Beverley Hills Heights to the Hollywood Mirage and placed these for sale immediately.  None of our products have been sold.
In November 2016, we went on holiday to the Hollywood Mirage and met with Stuart.  He tried to get us to invest further to transfer our products to specific weeks in another development, which we declined to do.
We spoke to Paul Everett, Senior Consultant at Silverpoint, by telephone on 9th January 2017 as we had asked what our options were as we no longer wanted to own the products and he confirmed that we could invest further for an alternative product and that there was very little chance of us selling our products in the current market.

Client Statements / Grand Holidays
« Last post by Staff 7 on January 17, 2017, 03:40:16 pm »
Mr B & Ms R told us on 12 January 2017

We came into contact with Grand Holidays Club whilst on holiday at the Atlantic Gardens Resort in Fuerteventura Corralejo.  A holiday rep knocked on apartment door inviting us to breakfast.  We felt obliged to go and were then subjected to a lengthy meeting which was to sign up for a free week holiday and three separate weeks.  When we returned we had another longer meeting/breakfast that we were told we had to give our answer that day for the better offer that was on offer.  The deal was to sign up for cheaper holidays.  We were told we wouldn’t have to pay a yearly fee unless we took week 36 each year and we would only need to pay for flights.  We have not found this to be true.  The promise of cheaper holidays did not become a reality and during the first year we realised we had paid for a timeshare week.
When this was sold to us we did not fully understand that this would be a lifelong/ongoing commitment, if we had we would not have agreed to it.  At the time we both wanted to enjoy our holiday and not be in the meeting a moment longer, again it was stressed that we had to sign up that afternoon.
We did not return to Atlantic Gardens when we realised it would cost further to book.
During both meetings that we attended we were told that this was not a timeshare and that it was an opportunity for cheaper weeks away.
Client Statements / Anfi Beach Club
« Last post by Staff 7 on January 17, 2017, 03:39:39 pm »
Mr & Mrs N told us on 9 January 2017

While on a family holiday we were invited to visit a resort and were told we would be able to swim in the pool and enjoy the beach.  This did not happen.  We saw a video regarding the complex and how it all began.  We were sold a time share and we did not know it was a time share.
Client Statements / Silverpoint Tenerife
« Last post by Staff 7 on January 16, 2017, 01:09:23 pm »
From Mr G & Mrs D on 11/01/17

Our decision to purchase was based on a verbal statement made by the representative which were not referenced in the contents of the purchase contract. We purchased purely for investment not holidays.
We took out the offered finance, but were assured that although it was a long term, the ownership would be sold in two years, with profit so we would easily be able to pay.
They took two deposits on the day from our credit cards, over £5k.
The annual maintenance fees have increased considerably more than they said.
We were misled over the perpetuity. It was portrayed as an asset for our children and not a financial liability.
Client Statements / Marriots Club Son Antem
« Last post by Staff 7 on January 16, 2017, 12:58:32 pm »
Mr D & Mrs I on 16/01/17

Approached by a sales agent and invited to Mallorca in 2007.
Attended a high pressure sales presentation
Were told it would be a lifetime of holidays in 5 star resorts - increasing in value - we were not told we had to join at II at a cost - maintenance costs would increase - hotel would be sold resulting in a poorer resort - difficulty in using points. Paying to exchange weeks for points - we were told Marriots would buy back at a profit. We were not given time to take independent advice.
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