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Title: Misled by the company
Post by: Staff 7 on September 21, 2016, 01:17:30 pm
From Mr & Mrs S on 16/9/2016:

We feel that we were mis-sold the ownership for the following reasons:

Pressure during presentation (decision had to be made that day).

Dramatic management fee increases every year.

Immediate disappointment with service due to no availability in resorts where we wanted to go.

During cooling off period (14 days) contacted have to complain regarding availability and mentioned that we wanted to cancel ownership and we were advised  that we were not using the system correctly. Which wasn't true.

RCI exchange was completely missold. During 3 years ownership we have never been able to book and resort through RCI due to availability.

Interest rates on loan were not explained. Nobody present from finance company.

We feel we have been deceived the product we bought is not want we were sold during presentation.

Sold ownership on the belief that we could re-sell it at a point in the future.

Believe that we were sold ownership as we were a young couple.