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Title: Client Statement (Chee Kean Sian)
Post by: ITRA.singapore on September 06, 2016, 08:29:02 am
. We've got to know the resort by referral from sister.We went for a free stay in Anantara Phuket and attended a sales presentation in Phuket.

. During the presentation, sales person introduced to us the highest package and pursuing us to sign up. After we turn down she then offered us the lower packages. Pushing us to sign up.

. At first we said that we will consider but she invited another colleague in to pursue us further.

. We are not told that annual fees will be increased from time to time.

. After some time we felt that they are too hard. Push us to sign up. We ended up to sign up the lowest package in order for us to leave earlier

. After we purchased the timeshare somewhere we able to booked resort stay but monthly not able to

. Received alot of calls from Anantara after purchased to offer us for upgrade of membership. Quite annoying as we already told that we couldn't even utilized the current points