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Title: Client Satement ( Rajasekar Mangayarkkarasi)
Post by: ITRA.singapore on August 12, 2016, 07:44:29 am
My husband got a call from Timeshare people he asked me to accompany him to the presentation. In the beginning, they said many things provided the company showed many slides showing the upscale resorts at the affordable prices. It went for many hours. They asked the audience not to use phones at the discussion with the other friends or relatives were not allowed we had to book or register at the earliest cause the price would go up next day. We were pressured of ended signing that which we regret till now. The timeshare people made a fool of us with their smooth talk and by pressuring us. After signing we tried to book tickets to India and they asked us to contact an agent who quoted very high price than other agents. When asked the timeshare people regarding that they give the difference as voucher (which is not used) after a long argument of many phone calls. Government should take some action against these fraud timeshare companies who rob of the hard earn money of ordinary people. It is irritating and frustrating.