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Title: Grand View Las Vegas
Post by: Staff 7 on November 25, 2015, 10:15:13 am
Mr & Mrs D told us on 16 November 2015

We came into contact through a presentation at a remote site with a number of other people.  A representative spent time with us after a general presentation and pointed out costs of purchase and advantages such as being able to leave to family and how it works out as a cheap holiday over such as package holidays which go up in price every year.  We were there a long time and were discouraged from leaving and other agents/managers also kept coming with alternative offers and incentives such as additional RCI weeks, which we have never seen after the first three year certificate.  My wife and I felt quite pressurised to sign and were one of the last to leave.  We were not told the implications of perpetuity nor that our timeshare to all intent and purpose has no value.  We have used the timeshare once.  The accommodation was good but we were again pressurised by the sales team to make further purchases.  We were also told the "Red" catagory would enable us to exchange any where at any time and this has not been true.