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Title: Diversified Next generation Points
Post by: Staff 7 on November 19, 2015, 03:11:12 pm
Mr M told us on 9 November 2015.

We were offered discount flights/accommodation in Tenerife by B.I.C. Leisure S.L. who claimed to be linked to RCI.  We were taken by a representative to another hotel which could be "booked" via RCI points.  Later taken on trip round part of island before finishing at the B.I.C. office.  Here we were given a further presentation, where there were 3 "representatives" and myself and my wife.  They said that RCI was changing and the "points" was the new direction.  As we already owned a timeshare at Anfi, they promised a discount on the purchase price, and that they could sell Anfi for us so that we could just invest in points, this was to be seen as an "upgrade".  The length of the contract was not fully discussed, but we were told that our children would benefit from inheriting the points.  The management fees and RCI fees were pointed out but no indication of "accounts" or increases given.  Working through their points book we were told that the minimum number of points to maintain our "Gold" standard would be 40,000.  The cost was worked out and a payment of 3,500 was paid by Debit card at the office, with the balance to be paid before 11 December 2009.  We were not informed about the "cooling off" time.  I feel that the points system was mis-sold in that we have had great difficulty booking into preferred hotels. B.I.C Leisure were definitely NOT able to help sell our original timeshare.  we were pressurised into signing and paying on the day and the system was generally mis-represented and not as expected.