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Title: Salina Wharf, Qawra, Malta.
Post by: DavidH65 on May 23, 2016, 01:08:10 pm
Hello, I was wondering if any had proposed a Class action against the above. Let me give a simple summary of the situation:-

All the members were advised by letter, in February, that the resort was likely to close from 31/12/16, due to the Developer being unable to continue subsidising the the Resort. A Special Gen. Meeting had been arranged for 12th March.
It basically proposed that we all agree to this situation, and were given 3 alternatives. Two were to transfer to different Time Share (Holiday Clubs), and the third to just walk away. No remuneration was to be offered. Everyone's contract expires in 2025. So we all had another 9 years remaining. The actual closure proposal was passed, at the SGC. Everyone would be able to use the facility, upto the end of the year.
The property will remain in the hands of the Developer, and will be his to do with as he wishes.
I don't feel it is reasonable to expect all the Owners, not to receive even a 'token' payment for the loss of the 9 years holidays, for 'reasons' beyond our control.
Is this something ITRA would be interested in, if not already? Thank you.
Title: Re: Salina Wharf, Qawra, Malta.
Post by: Staff Manager on June 20, 2016, 01:58:52 pm
Thank you for your post.

We are currently processing claims against Salina Wharf on an individual basis

We do not rule out a class action as what the resort has done and offering as a remedy is ludicrous.

Should you wish, we can offer you a free consultation.

Please find below our contact details:
Tel: 02081669881 or 08006101582