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Author Topic: 13 November: Reply to the RDO letter Timeshare Owners A Call To Action  (Read 8349 times)
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« on: December 21, 2010, 11:49:56 am »

An open message from ITRA to the RDO
The Resort Developers Organisation)
Your business was originally constructed to protect the interests of the timeshare resorts, developers and management companies in an attempt to fool the consumer into believing that you were the official public multi - ownership industry Watchdog.
This is as you know not true and you have never apart from the self interest and preservation of your members ever been seen to defend the consumer. You have only ever sought to abuse your perceived position to make mischief for your competitors.
In your history you have changed your trading name three times from the TC (Timeshare Council) to the OTE (Organisation for Timeshare in Europe) to now the RDO  (Resort Developers Organisation) and all that has taken place within your operation are a few movements of the same bodies to different chairs and offices. This is well documented.
You took a small office in Brussels to try and convince the World that you were in the right place to be champions of the European timeshare consumer, when in fact your remit and past actions are diametrically opposed and transparently clear by your persistence in lobbying changes in European legislation to the benefit the developer and to the determent of the consumer.
You even attempted to fool the Office of Fair Trading and other department of trade affiliates of your high morals and quasi ethics. In the past you may have hoodwinked them, but not any more. They are now wise to your ploy. 
You are and have always been totally funded by the major players in the timeshare industry who in return clearly demand that you steer the game in their direction even with the forming of TATOC which is purely an alternative second string to your bow and little more than a figment of the imagination in an attempt to fool the consumer. Even your affiliate recommended resale companies are not compliant with the European legislation.
When was a member of the RDO or TATOC ever mentioned adversely on your websites about their wrongdoings despite being found guilty in courts and on many occasions being exposed in the national media? The answer is NEVER!!
Do you not believe that the United States RCI Class Action settlement and the pursuance of the ongoing worldwide complaints against their week?s program and acknowledged skimming of owner?s prime weeks may have been a little newsworthy to the consumer? We have we not seen any mention of this on your news pages. We wonder why??.
Holiday Clubs and other alternative products that are a thorn is your member?s financial side are however heavily featured on your website irrespective of their individual merit or cause of concern for consumers.
The only reason for your consistent attacks over the year?s, has been a commercial one pursued purely on behalf of your funders, many of whom are guiding members of your own committee.
Your attacks have always been commercially instigated because of the fact that marketing strategies are of a similar nature and fair competition affects your member?s market share of buyers.
How many defunct timeshare resorts are there out there? We see no mention of them or of the possible defrauded owners in your past bulletins.
Your member?s resort annual management fees have spiralled beyond credulity and without any control or policing. Historically also strangely missing was your questioning, comment or evaluation of these obvious greedy hikes.
You openly support the issue of developers and management companies in making a charge to the consumer who now wishes to hand back free their unwanted, unaffordable and worthless timeshares when in most instances the consumer was convinced that they had purchased a holiday investment. Is this morally correct behaviour or once again just bad implementation in the support of pure greed?
After all this we find it astounding and disgusting that you are now trying to levy a charge of one Euro per member on top of the pile as an extra income for yourselves and have even asked your member management companies to collect this on your behalf.
Here is our undertaking to you ? We will fight your guilty and hypocritical members on every front with group litigation actions on behalf of the numerous distressed owners that you purport to support.
Worldwide press releases and above the line media campaigns are currently being prepared to target as many past and present aggrieved timeshare and points owners as is possible.
We will keep you updated on our progress. In the meantime we have asked you on a number of occasions to remove certain salacious information regarding ITRA from your website.
If you are in any way uncertain of our intentions perhaps one of your main funders, RCI Europe will confirm our position with you. Please do not be further antagonistic and remove this misleading and untrue content from your website now.  Your failure to do so will result in defamatory action being instituted against you without further reference.
Your response to the allegations made herein will be welcomed and published.
Yours faithfully,
Legal Department
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